Sunday, December 4, 2011

Library Work Session - Weds Dec 14 - Volunteers Needed

Dear Band Members,

December is a busy time for us all and I want to thank you for your participation and fine volunteer spirit as we head into the month’s many musical duties.  The tree lighting was a huge success for the band, with a sizeable crowd out to hear Bob Hydorn, greet Santa, sing carols along with the “band,” watch the tree light up to the strains of  “O Tannenbaum” and have hot chocolate afterwards.  Nine hardy souls and I sounded just fine on the traditional carols, and didn’t get too frozen.  Thank you!

Next is the MVF Board party for which Bill Brasile has organized a mostly clarinet woodwind quartet, which should be a little different from the past few years, and show the board another facet of our band.  Thank you Bill, Marlin, Paul and Amanda!

Our Toys For Tots concert is in the final stages of preparation and we know that is going to be a fine success!

The next volunteer opportunity is something for which we’ve been waiting a long time: the installation of our file cabinets so that we can file our music better and make room to acquire new music.  This will take place on December 14, a regular rehearsal night when we’ve often had a music filing session.  This year there will be a lot more than music filing going on, and we really need a large turnout because there will be lots to do!

We are going to empty out the storage area, position the new file cabinets, empty the old file cabinets and throw the broken ones away, move the good old file cabinets into a line with the new ones, and then put the music in the drawers neatly according to Lisa’s direction, then re-store the remaining equipment according to Mark’s floor plan and Ric’s percussion needs.

For this we are going to need our younger and stronger members to help move cabinets with the aid of a dolly, but still a lot of manual positioning to do, carefully and without damage to cabinets or people’s fingers, etc.  (Remember you need those fingers for music)!  We will need an army of people who can take armfuls of music and store it on tables and keep it in order, then carry it back in by the armful and put it in the drawers.  We will need people to move the boxes of “stuff” then help reorganize it back into the room.

For those not robust or energetic enough to want to lift and haul all night, there will be regular music filing to be done, too.

There will be pizza, but not till the heavy lifting is done.

So come all and don’t shirk.  Remember, “many hands make light work,” We don’t have a work night often but we need you for this one for sure.

Then, coming up in January there will be a Saturday session to hang Elfa shelves, but more about that as the time approaches.

So thank you in advance for your extra effort to keep the Incredible Montgomery Village Community Band on top of its world!